Hiren Rameshbhai patel


Hiren Patel is a seasoned industry veteran with 30+ years of experience as a construction developer. Prior to starting his journey with Woodberry, he was actively engaged in the development of upscale residential projects in several parts of Gujarat. He took over the construction firm- Raksha Builders; co-founded by his father and uncle Rameshbhai Madhubhai Patel (Isanpur) and Pradipbhai Madhubhai Patel, developed more than 400+ independent units for various segments of the society.

With Woodberry, he aims to revolutionize the development and interiors space and believes in focusing on developing a home from scratch by closely understanding a homeowner’s needs. This way, he feels, he is closer to the aspirations of home buyers, helping them fulfill their dream of having a comfortable and luxurious living space.

Apart from business he is involved in farming, Politics, Marwari Horse breeding and Exotic Bird breeding. He has also been appointed as Vice President of Ahmedabad Congress Party and Vice President of All India Marwari Horse Society.

Saujanya Pradipbhai Patel


Saujanya Patel is a dynamic and versatile professional with rich managerial experience of working at some of the top retail establishments in the US. Throughout his 3 years of journey with Woodberry, he feels that the company is something that every owner/buyer needs in modern times.

He aims to take construction and interior landscape to the next level, at par with international standards with Woodberry. Apart from focusing on interior space, he also owns and manages a rapidly growing construction firm in Ahmedabad and when he isn’t busy helping clients visualize their dream space, he enjoys a casual game of snooker or an intense workout.

Manan patel

Principal Furniture Designer & Developer

Manan Patel is a multidimensional professional with rich experience of working in digital printing, furniture design & modular kitchen industry. Before beginning his journey with Woodberry, he has successfully started and managed several businesses in textile printing, furniture design and production industry. He believes that design should always enhance functionality as everything in life & work revolves around being functional.

Whatever he does, he believes in exceeding expectations and surpassing set benchmarks to achieve something spectacular. With Woodberry, he envisions focusing on providing turnkey solutions to end customers and a great experience when it comes to interior designing and execution. When he isn’t involved with clients and designers, he loves to spend his leisure time in reading self-help books and listen to music.