Let your Creative Juices Flow withoutWorrying About Execution

At Woodberry, we respect the ingenuity of the interior design professionals. Our turnkey execution solutions and in-house product design team give them the freedom to think out-of-the-box.

Focus on the Design ConceptWholeheartedly!

Focus on the Design Concept

For an interior designer, the tussle between form and functionality is never-ending. With multiple clients in your kitty, you are always in a dilemma to match your creative spirit with the products & furniture available in the market. While you may have a streamlined design process and collaborations with foreign furniture makers in place, you still have faced the issues with unappealing accents during project execution.

What we can do for you?

Woodberry is committed to making the execution process easier for interior designers. We take your conceptual designs and present you with a highly-personalized accent, furniture or bespoke piece, aligning to your client’s requirements and your design concept. With Woodberry, you just focus on form or the conceptual design while we take care of everything from product designing to its functionality.

Our Streamlined Project Management and Execution Process

  • Discussion & Initiation


    You approach Woodberry with an inquiry for interior project execution. Our interior professionals show past projects in the form of room presentation, post which we discuss your requirements in detail. You give block work evaluation based on which we provide a budget overview. The type of room presentation

  • Site Assessment


    Once budget estimation is finalized and an agreement is signed, we complete 3D modeling of the concept or sketches given by you. Based on the 3D presentation and scope of services, we provide a final budget and rough timeline for project completion. Bock detailing with 3D modeling begins. Based on the models, our execution team evaluates the site to understand what is to be done onsite and what sections are to be pre-designed & installed. We provide a detailed 3D presentation with final budget & timeline at this stage.

  • Concept Design

    Releasing the Documents

    Based on your design concept and desires of the client concerning furniture placement, we finalize technical documentation. At this stage, we seek your support and the support of the end-client for selection of materials and appliances to be installed on site. documentationrelated to products and services required. We work closely with the client to help him select appliances, materials and other details and finalize the documents based on the inputs. Once the documentation is complete, we handover them to the client for review and approval. orderly fashion.

  • Concept Design

    Preparing the site

    Or if the client decides to move ahead with our in-house/associate agency, we provide a detailed timeline along with the budget. On approval of the budget, our execution team starts the work and completes the site as per the provided timeline.

  • Concept Design

    Plan for Procurement and Manufacturing

    This step begins simultaneously with site preparation, and we start coordinating with agencies to work on the client’s site. We understand the timeline in detail and start procurement and manufacturing simultaneously so that we can guarantee on-time delivery.

  • Concept Design


    We work as a site project manager and take care of onsite execution so that the client doesn’t have to worry about delays and finances.


With Woodberry You Get

With Woodberry You Get
  • Complete Design Liberty

    Focus just on the design and conceptual aspects leaving everything else, from functionality to execution on us. We can design exactly the same artifact, furniture or decor product based on the reference sketch or design concept.

  • One Stop Execution Solution

    From presentation to production, we provide turnkey solutions when it comes to interior project execution. Our in-house design studio, production facility, furniture craftsmen and external agencies for plumbing, electricity civil and painting work in conjuction to deliver complete project.

  • Realistic 3D Models

    We create realistic 3D models with accurate detailing of different aspects for every conceptual design owing to an in-house design studio.

  • Cutting-edge Bespoke Furniture

    Our dedicated production unit equipped with Italian CNC machines promises marvelous bespoke pieces with no imperfections.

  • Customized Production

    Everything we develop is closely aligned with your design idea. So be it the decor piece, internal mechanism, electroplated metal products, etc. you get a completely customized accent.

Why should you choose Woodberry?

Why choose woodberry?

  • Capable backend team with 20+ years of experience

  • Dedicated interior project management professionals

  • Streamlined execution process

  • Respect for Approved Project Timelines

  • Routine project status updates at every step

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