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Woodberry is a pioneer in transforming interior concepts into stunning spaces, meant to be flaunted. So, if a home or commercial; renovation or new interior project is on your cards, Woodberry should be in your mind!

The Great Interior Divide: A Nuisancefor the Contemporary Lifestyle Aspirer

You have a large space, an expert interior designer by your side and a dream to make the most out of the area. But, as you dig deeper into the world of interiors, you find out you aren’t in for a joyride. A number of problems emerge during an interiors project- from discrepancy in concept design & finished space to coordinating with multiple vendors to get work done, as you wish to.

At Woodberry, we understand all your woes and are committed to bridging the gap between design and execution by providing turnkey solutions.

What we can do for you?

What we can do for you?

With a rich experience in the field of interior renovation, execution, bespoke furniture design and turnkey project management, Woodberry is your last hope, when you want things to go, just as you planned them.

We have been making interior experience delightful for homeowners, office spaces, commercial complexes and other building owners for years. Our expert team of turnkey project managers, interior experts, executors, carpenters and support staff serves as an essential link between your dreams, your interior designer’s concept and on-ground execution reality.

Our Streamlined Project Managementand Execution Process

  • Discussion & Initiation


    You approach Woodberry intending to get the interior of your project executed. Our experts show past projects presentation, post which we discuss your requirements in detail. We get in touch with your interior designer/architect to understand his/her concept and design approach for the site.

  • Site Assessment


    Once we are through with the site evaluation, quotations, agreements & other legal formalities, the process of furniture layout confirmation & block detailing with 3D modelling begins. Based on the models, our execution team evaluates the site to understand what needs to be done onsite and what sections are to be off-site manufactured & installed. After which we provide a Detailed and Final 3D presentation & scope of work with a budgetary quote & estimated timeline at this stage.

  • Concept Design

    Surface selection and Relesing The Documents

    At this stage, we work closely with the client to help him select appliances, materials and other details at this point we are clear about client expectations and needs and finalize the documents based on the inputs once the documentation is complete, we release the document for the client for review and approval.

  • Concept Design

    Preparing the Site

    Once technical documents are finalized, we provide an onsite budget to finalize the furniture in the available space. If the client brings his own agency on board, we provide the documentation and a feasible completion. The client’s agency starts their work while our onsite team provides guidance on how to complete the project. On subsequent inspection checks by our team, we evaluate the quality of work and provide feedback.
    If the client decides to move ahead with our in-house/associate agency, we provide a detailed timeline along with budget. On approval of the budget, our execution team starts the work and completes the site as per the provided timeline.available space. If the client brings his own agency on board, we provide the documentation and a feasible completion. The client’s agency starts their work while our onsite team provides guidance on how to complete the project. On subsequent inspection checks by our team, we evaluate the quality of work and provide feedback.

  • Concept Design

    Procurement and plan for manufacturing

    This step begins simultaneously with site preparation, and we start coordinating with agencies to work on the client’s site. We understand the timeline in detail and start procurement and manufacturing simultaneously so that we can guarantee on-time delivery.

  • Discussion & Initiation


    We work as a site project manager and take care of onsite execution so that the client doesn’t have to worry about delays and finances.

  • Site Assessment

    Site Report

    Once we are through with production, our execution team provides a site report of the onsite work on the client’s site.

  • Concept Design

    Dispatch & Installation

    Our team coordinates with vendors, suppliers, contractors and in-house experts for completion of the project in an orderly fashion.

  • Concept Design


    Once our installation team has done with everything, our cleaning agents give a finishing touch and clean everything before you plan to move in. Followed by handover teams final inspection of the site and hereafter handover a the personalised sapce you dreamed.

  • Concept Design

    Maintenance & After Sales

    Our exclusive after-sales support promises you end-to-end assistance for any information/ services you need after the completion of the project.


With Woodberry You Get

With Woodberry You Get
  • Turnkey Solutions

    With a team of professional plumbing, electricity, fabrication, wall decor and furniture experts, we promise one-stop solution for all interior needs.

  • Digital Project Monitoring

    Our advanced digital monitoring system powered by our support,web based online and Mobile App we promises absolute transparency to ensure everyone including you, end-client and Team Woodberry are on the same page.

  • Close-to-reality 3D Models

    See how a design concept would look and feel in a particular space with realistic 3D models crafted by our in-house design studio.

  • Exclusive Warranty

    All our products and services are covered under exclusive warranty that promises you complete peace of mind.

  • Strong After Sales Support

    Stay relaxed about after sales service, renovation, maintenance as we provide complete support even after project completion.

Why should you choose Woodberry?

Why should you choose Woodberry?

  • Expert Team of Interior Project Management Professionals

  • End-to-end Coordination, Supervision & Project Management

  • Streamlined & Transparent Execution Process for Greater Peace of Mind

  • Complete Control Owing to Intuitive Mobile App & Digital Project Management System

  • Respect for Approved Project Timelines

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